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The website of Topsystem (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) has the following privacy policy in order to protect personal information of users.

▣Scope of Personal Information

1) Information collected for sign-up

* Required: Name, ID, password, mobile number, address, contact information, email address, date of birth, etc.

*Optional: Occupation, anniversary, hobby, etc.

*Information received from a user when he or she signed up for another website 2) Information for payment

* Name, date of birth, ID, password for identification

* The following information depending on payment methods

- Account transfer: Name of the bank, account number, name of the account holder

- Credit card: Type of the credit card, number of the credit card, expiration date, installments, and password

- Mobile payment: Number of the mobile phone

* Information for events and giveaways and for delivery such as the name of the user, zip code, phone number, etc.

▣Purpose and Use of the Personal Information

The Website collects personal information for purposes set out as follows.

ID, password, name, and date of birth: For identification of the user who uses the membership services

Phone number: For delivery of goods, bill, giveaway, and notification

Mobile number: For delivery of a notification, confirmation of consent, handling of a complaint, communication of new service/product/event

Bank and credit card information: For regular or automatic payment

Other information: For customized services

Personal information collected by the Website shall not include any sensitive information that may violate human rights of the user (e.g. ethnicity and nationality, idea and faith, place of birth and legal domicile, political orientation and criminal records, health and sexual orientation).

▣Period of Retention and Use

Personal information collected by the Website shall be deleted and destroyed as follows upon fulfillment of purposes for which the information was collected or received.

- Information collected for sign-up: Upon withdrawal of the membership or expulsion

- Information collected for a survey or event: Upon completion of the survey or event

However, the personal information may be retained for the following period if required by the Commercial Act and the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.

- Records of a contract or withdrawal of a subscription: 5 years

- Records of payment or supply of goods: 5 years

- Records of complaints or disputes: 3 years

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