Company Overview
With ceaseless efforts for the future we repay your trust.
Haejeon People
  • Challenge
    To aim high without being afraid of failing in order to improve life and to be No.1 in our field
  • Accountability
    To perform one’s role with a sense of ownership and passion in all circumstances
  • Creativity
    To create our own future by exploring new ways, learning continuously, and developing competitiveness with future-oriented way of thinking
  • Cooperation
    To produce the best results by respecting and willingly cooperating with other organizations as a member of an organization who has agility and willingness
HR Policies
We operate fair and reasonable reward systems according to educational background, career, expertise, and performance in order to promote innovation and provide accountability
Descriptions of Positions
직금 직위
Evaluation system
Job performance -Performance and ability of the job assigned to the person in the year to be evaluated Competitiveness -Competitiveness relating to his/her field and position to be evaluated
Employee Benefits
Various benefits that can boost morale of the employees by contributing to stabilizing and improving their life
  • Legal benefit package
  • Benefit package for stability and convenience
  • Culture / Leisure Support