Company Overview
With ceaseless efforts for the future we repay your trust.
Organization Chart
조직도 Scope of work
  • Management / Sales / Financing
    Business planning
    General Affairs Management
    Judicial Affairs Management
    HR Management
    Labor Management
    Sales Management
    Domestic/Overseas sales
    Accounting Management
    Foreign Affairs
  • Design
    Basic design
    Working design
    Production Design
    Development of drawings
    Development of statements
    Development of specifications
    Development of approved drawings and documentation
    Calculation of structures and capacity
  • Production Management / Production / Electric Control
    Production management
    Raw materials purchase order
    Raw materials supply/demand management
    Cutting plan development
    Finished product purchase order
    Processed product purchase order
    Production process management
    Production team management
    Construction cost calculation
    Factory facility management
    Shipment management
    Packaging management
    Product A/S
    Electric control team management
  • Construction / Engineering
    Construction plans
    Design change
    Estimate execution
    Safety control
    Attendance in installation inspection
    Installation inspection plans
    Installation inspection document
  • Quality Control
    Quality control documents
    Finished product quality control
    Raw materials quality control
    Construction inspection document
    No-load trial operation
    Attendance in construction inspection
    Construction inspection plans
    Other quality control
  • Research Institute
    R&D project selection
    R&D presentation
    R&D report
    New product development
    Product improvement
    Industrial property development
    HR development