Company Overview
With ceaseless efforts for the future we repay your trust.
CEO’s Message
A Trustworthy Company that Assures Satisfaction Haejeon strives to create a brighter future

IHaejeon Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 2009 with a great ambition for the future, has specialized in manufacturing and construction based on its special construction license (metal structure and windows/doors work, steel structure, water and sewage utilities, facility maintenance, mechanical work, and electric work).

With its diverse pool of human resources possessing broad experience in design, manufacturing, and installation of drainage gates and dam floodgates, Haejeon boasts technological prowess, unmatched by any other competitor in this market. We aim for sustainable growth, which can be driven by up-to-date machines and facilities as well as human resources capable of handling the entire process of plant facility supply, ranging from manufacturing to installation and trial operation. Despite the fast-changing market environment, we pursue perfect harmony between humans and technology, which eventually delivers increased value for our customers, and take decisive, effective action to maintain our competitive edge so as to become an expert in the global floodgate and power plant market. We look forward to your continued support!

Thank you!