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Sewage treatment plant

Manufacturing and installing the dust separator for the reconstruction project of the disaster-risk improvement district of Sintain

Haejeon, taking charge of the projects ranging from design to construction of the lifting/drainage pump station in tandem with the reality that the facilities become bigger due to abnormal weather such as regional torrential rains et al, is an enterprise which puts the customers’ life and properties first, thinking of eco-friendliness along with nature.
Kinds and characteristic
Automatic dust separators constructed by Haejeon Industrial Co., Ltd. are comprised of the rotary-type dust separator, the oil-pressure dust separators, and the reciprocal dust separator (oil pressure + load)
Rotary-type dust separator : It can treat a large quantity of impurity within a short period during torrential rains, it does not need an operating skill, and it can maximize the backwater effect even in case of partial failure as the rake is normally composed of 4 sets.
Oil-pressure dust separator : One unit can treat multiple waterways and has the characteristic of requiring small power due to hydraulic operation.
Reciprocal dust separator : It can save construction cost due to its simple structure and help reduce work term with its simple construction.