Business Area
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  • Air Conditioning
  • Sugar Mills
  • Paper Mills
  • Paper Mills
  • Water Supply
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Circulating Water Systems
  • Irrigation
  • Ports and Docks
Good efficiency, smooth operation, and trouble free operation throughout a wide range of hydraulic coverage.
Axially split casing enables easy maintenance.
Flanges are Ks or JIS (10, 16, 20kg/㎠) ratings-FF,FR.
Dynamically and hydraulically balanced impeller.
Possible to fit with fan type impeller. (Option)
Generously sized ball bearing are used, Grease iubrication.(Stan dard)
Oil lubrication (option)
Bearing housings are flange mounted and doweled to the casing to provide accurate realignment.
Shout bearing span minimums deflection.
Uncooled stuffing box, Packing ring, Possible also mechanical seal.