Business Area
With ceaseless efforts for the future we repay your trust.
  • For clear liquids-fresh water & seawater
  • For general industrial & waterworks
  • For household water supply & building water treatment
  • For irrigation water & building water treatment
  • For air conditioning & spray (sprinkler)
  • For cooling or heating & circulation
  • A wide range of usage area as a single item thanks to the standardized design of product.
  • Convenient maintenace with back pull-out structure.
  • Stability of piping load and good balance in pump operation as the discharge bore is located at the upper center.
  • Products optimized through design of vidration & noise analysis
  • Manufactures with high effciency design.
  • Improved durability. (one grade higher bearing grade than other products)
  • Design conforming to outline dimensions of KS Standards wide range of compatibility
  • Solid and a wide range of usability with 10kgf/㎠ applied design.
  • Shaft installed on sleeve to lengthen shaft’s life
  • Shall core applied flow channel of lmpeller to make the inside smooth and reduce flow loss.
  • Change of structure : Mechanical seal / Bearing oil lubricating strusture
  • Companion flange
  • Changes of the material of liquid contacting parts