Business Area
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Various fields of water treatment (sewage, filthy water, wastewater sludge), paper industry, foods, petrocemical industry, fiber industry, metalworking industry, sugar-manufacturing industry, oil and fat industry, ethanol-manufacturing, ceramic industry mining industry, constrution indstry, livestock industry (cowhouses, hog bams), fishing industry
Multi Screw Pomo
As a high performance next generation pump combined smooth fluid flow of screw pump with high efficiency of mixed flow pump in addition to complex to complex functions of screw pump and mixed flow pump, it brings up innovations unapproach able by a sludge transfer pump. This is the pump as the ultimate solution of the long pending problem to cause unbalance in using because of partial one-side wear of screw impeller as well as its trans fer power equivalent to spurt/screw pump excellent in transfer of solids. Also it has low hindrance rate available of continuous reduction of maintenace cost.