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Roller gate _ Under construction

The water sealing method of the roller gate is generally divided into 3-way water sealing and 4-way water sealing. The hydraulic load is separately supported by more than four rollers (two rollers on one side) at the time of ascending/descending. As the opening/closing load (frictional force) becomes small, this method is widely used in cases where the level difference is large during operation or a large gate is used.

Roller gate – after construction

As the opening/closing operation of the roller gate is an up-down motion in the guide frame and the hydraulic load applied to the main roller of the gate body can be directly transferred to the concrete, the length in the upstream and downstream directions of the pier can be shortened.
Upstream water sealing : This is a type that water sealing is made in front of the gate body, and it is used for the flood gate for controlling the flow rate.
Downstream water sealing : This is a type where water sealing is made at the back of the gate body, and it is used for the intake gate requiring perfect water sealing.